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I first designed the calf ear muffs in 1993 when we were showing our purebred cattle. We had a purebred bull calf born and he had frozen ears. I decided to sew something to help prevent that from ever happening again. And Marge's Muffs was established. We have expanded our line of products to include muffs, calf weigh slings, web sleigh covers, utility trailer covers, laundry bags-sleeping bag, pillow bags for field trips, berry pail bags, fleece mitt liners, auger motor covers, auger hopper covers, and more...

Our Products

Calf Ear Muffs

Muffs are made of warm polar fleece fabric. They are halter style with velcro under the throat, are washable and reusable for years. The muffs should be rubbed on the newborn calf as soon as possible after it is born to give it their scent. The muffs should be left on the calves for 3 to 4 days depending on the temperature to protect calves from the cold.

Weigh Slings

Newborn calf weigh slings are light weight, made of a sturdy washable fabric with webbing & 2 rings to hook on a scale. It has a loop to slip over the calf's head and one strap with a buckle around the butt, so the calf does not slip. Very quick on and off.

Web Sleigh Covers

Covers are made of poly webbing attached to the sleigh with 4 screws, with 2 side release buckles on one side. Place the calf in the sleigh and attach the buckles. This cover holds the calf in the sleigh, but allows the cow to see & smell it and she should follow the sleigh wherever you go. (Sleighs not included)

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Travel Bags

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Berry Pail Bags

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Utility Trailer Covers

Can be custom made to fit your trailer with waterproof fabric.

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Auger Motor Cover

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Polar Fleece Mit Liners

Available in all sizes and colors.

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Cam-Lock Ear Binder

We will custom sew: Pump Covers Pressure Washer Covers and more.

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